TOE – The Oligarchs Editions is the publishing subsidiary of TOG – The Oligarchs Group

TOE was created in 2016 by French-American producer Alex Berger and French writer-director Éric Rochant.

It exclusively deals with brand ancillary rights and merchandising, including ancillary rights regarding The Bureau, which is available for viewing in France on Canal+ and MyCanal, on behalf of TOP – The Oligarchs Productions and Federation Entertainment producers, as well as other brands held by the Group.

A dictionary of intelligence gathering

A dictionary of intelligence gathering brings together in one volume all the aspects of intelligence gathering: famous spies, intelligence agencies, special ops, techniques, specific idioms, and also associated literature, music, film, comic books, TV shows, cartoons, games and so on…
Dictionnaires espionnage2

The Bureau deciphered

The Bureau deciphered, by Bruno Fuligni, is a genuine spy manual. The book explains all the basics of the trade in 18 lessons. It takes scenes from the show as reference points to explore the true stories of real intelligence agencies.


With its Bureau-inspired design, this mug will put you in the right mood from morning onwards. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate are a perfect combination!

Camera blocker

A small yet must-have accessory for all fans of The Bureau, this camera blocker will cover your webcam in style, bringing safety to your home or office space. The underside consists of an adhesive sticker to mount on your computer. The frontal sliding section allows you to free the lens when you need it, and only then!

Limited poster

As a completely unique project in France, these original creations draw from the universe and plots from all 5 seasons as 5 world famous artists each give their personal interpretation.


The Bureau, first French scripted drama to have accessed DGSE archives, reveals a cold universe, far removed from the regular fantasies usually associated with the spy world. For the release of Season 5, Spy, life under legend offers a unique viewpoint over State undercover activities, pulling interviews from the cast and crew, as well as intelligence experts.
Immerse yourself in the undercover psyche and explore a secretive world with these five episodes. You will learn about the origins of the show, its recurring themes, and the various shapes that contemporary undercover work can take.
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Spies, the exhibition

A classified mission imagined alongside with The Bureau, and designed in partnership with the major operators of French intelligence, Spies offers an immersive, educational and playful experience. Benefitting from an exclusive partnership with the successful TV series, this interactive exhibition recreates its most iconic set designs and gives the visitor an opportunity to play an active part in the mission. Starting point: a diplomatic crisis has just broken out with the Western Republic (a fictitious state). The State is counting on you to give it your best as you step into the role of a secret agent.

Deep game: The Bureau

In a secret location over 300 sqm in the heart of Paris, the Deep Game is a two-hour immersive adventure for 3-6 players. It combines the unique world of The Bureau with the best of escape games, immersive theater and action games.